Tyler Childers Gets Emotional Delivering Powerful Speech On Kentucky Clean Water Crisis

Damn. This is powerful.

Tyler Childers recently ran a clean water drive while donating 500 cases himself for the Eastern Kentucky community of Martin County. Childers grew up in Lawrence County which is a neighboring county to Martin. At the event, Childers went on stage to perform some songs but also delivered an emotional speech detailing how unjust the water crisis is.

“We’ve carried corporations into the future, held up multi millionaires by the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs often to the point of break. We’ve watched our wealth be moved and carried off by trains and barges, we’ve literally moved the mountains so people could charge their iPads to forget that our problems even existed.”

In the 4 minute speech Childers hits on the cancer rates, opioid crisis and his memories of clean water issues from his youth. As a person who doesn’t live in Kentucky and hasn’t dealt with a clean water crisis, it’s hard to imagine having water that “isn’t fit for dogs to bathe in, let alone your children.” The people of Eastern Kentucky are incredibly hard workers that deserve the basic necessities to have a healthy life, I hope that Childers efforts helped shine a light on the issues.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock