The 90’s Country Drinking Game Is The Best Way To Get Drunk Ever

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It doesn’t get any better than 90’s country for me.

It’s what I grew up on, and I know the same goes for many of you. I was listening to Whiskey Riff‘s unbeatable Saved by 90’s Country playlist when I realized this playlist was too damn good to not have a drinking game to go with it.

It was time to fix that.

The rules for the game are below. Shuffle-play the playlist at then end of the rules, and let the good times roll. Proceed with caution.

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1. Take a sip when there’s an alcohol reference in a song.

2. When “Chattahoochee” comes on everyone get really happy and take a sip.

3. If someone messes up the lyrics to “Chattahoochee” while singing along, they do a shot.

4. Take a sip whenever the artist singing had a mullet.

5. Take a shot of tequila any time a George Strait song comes on.

6. When someone in the room says “I miss (insert artist’s name)” take a sip.

7. If a Shania song comes on, the girls do a cheers and take a sip, while the guys all do a shot.

8. When “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” comes on, any guy with facial hair takes a drink.

9. Whenever Brooks & Dunn come on and you get sad FGL and Bebe Rexha broke records with “Meant To Be” take a shot and pour a little out.

10. When “Strawberry Wine” comes on, take 17 sips of your drink when Deana Carter sings the “SEVENTEEN” part.

11. Chug a dad beer (Bud Diesel, Hamm’s, Busch Heavy, etc) if available when Joe Diffie comes on.

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A beer bottle on a dock