Neighbors Offended By 20-Year Navy Veteran’s “Disrespectful Old Flag”

A red white and blue flag

Sometimes it’s better to find the story before you go running your mouth off.

According to Fox 28, a Spokane-area neighborhood is up in arms at a Navy veteran because of his flag display. I know what you’re thinking, and no, this isn’t some anti-American group of whack-jobs that hate the idea of a man flying a flag in his own yard. These folks are offended that this old flag folded over the top of the pole and is now flying upside down.

Leroy Fumetti-Levine received an anonymous email from someone calling themselves “Offended neighbor,” saying:

“Please fix your flag that has been disrespectfully hanging torn and tattered upside down for too long. It offends us each day we pass by. Perhaps a new one would be in order. Thank you.”


Here’s the kicker…

Leroy is a Navy veteran that has over 20 years of service under his belt, and the reason that his flag is flying that way? Well, he’s got a bulging disc in his back and can no longer get up there to fix his flag, which the wind blew up over the pole, tangling it in the eagle finial that sits at the top.

Leroy says he wished his “offended neighbors” would have come and talked to him instead.

“If you have a problem with the flag, why don’t you come inside and ask us? Come by and say hello. We would love to have a conversation, we’d love to be able to share a cup of coffee. We’re a neighborhood, we should try to be one,” Fumetti-Levine said.

Thankfully, another neighbor and his son heard about it and decided to help, coming down to the home to fix it.

You see folks, I think we a learned something today. A valuable lesson on not being an offended neighbor (asshole) without getting the facts first.

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