Nashville Doctor Says Go For The Whiskey This Cold And Flu Season

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First, let me start by saying “no shit.”

Growing up we had a lot of old-world remedies for the cold and flu. A hot towel soaked in homemade whiskey across the forehead or throat was common, and yes it works. It just helps stuff, people. There’s plenty more of those tricks; just Google it. That leads me to some solid advice…

Dr. William Schaffner, chair of preventative medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville recently told ABC News that whiskey, or a Hot Toddy, can help relieve cold symptoms – again, no shit. Didn’t we all know this?

It’s nice to have a professional say it though.

“The hot water can help relieve nasal congestion – the alcohol dilates blood vessels a little bit, and that makes it easier for your mucus membranes to deal with the infection,” the Doc said.

Not much there, but hey, I’ll drink to that.

It’s all about that word “moderation” though. However, I will say, I’ve tested this other theory that if you drink enough whiskey you forget that you’re sick altogether.

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A beer bottle on a dock