25 Small Things Guys Need To Do So Their Girlfriend/Wife Feels Lucky Again

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Well said, well said.

Sometimes a reminder is really important. This is one of those reminders. A bunch of guys and women on AskMen provided answers to the following question:

“I love my wife to death, but I realize today that I do take her for granted. What are small things I can start doing to make her feel lucky again without going overboard?”

Here are the 25 small things guys need to do so their girlfriend/wife feels lucky, and appreciated, again.

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1. Clean the snow off her car every morning.

2. Impromptu dates.

3. Movie nights where you don’t touch your phone.

4. Ask her questions without providing solutions when she answers.

5. Listen.

6. Heat up a bath for her with some epsom salts or a bath bomb.

7. Bring her lunch at work or bring home dinner and watch a show on the couch with her.

8. Leave a note on her car in the morning.

9. (From a wife) Coming up behind me while I’m at my vanity in the morning and rub my shoulders for a minute.

10. (From a wife) Slaps my ass for no reason other than he likes the sound.

11. (From a wife) Wraps his hands around my waist from behind and tells me he loves me.

12. (From a wife) Brushes my hair while we watch TV.

13. Change her car’s oil.

14. Turn on the heating blanket while she gets ready for bed so it’s nice and warm when she gets into bed.

15. (From a wife) Sometimes makes me my morning protein shake while I’m getting ready for work.

16. (From a wife) Does little things around the house such as unload/load the dishwasher, feed the kitties, vacuum, sweep, offer to fold laundry, etc.

17. Pick 2 chores and make them yours. Make sure she never has to notice or ask them to be done. Don’t make a big deal about them. She may not notice right away, but will definitely appreciate it.

18. Little things man. Help her around the house a little more, buy her flowers just because it’s Wednesday, tell her how lucky you are to have her.

19. Pick her up under the arms and present her to the world from the highest point in your general area.

20. Doing something she doesn’t like doing, like laundry or taking out the trash. Be prepared to do it a few times before she actually realizes you are just being sweet and it’s not a random thing lol. If you have kids, a night for just the two of you to do something alone. Doesn’t have to be night out and expensive dinner. Maybe pizza and a movie at home.

21. (From a wife) For me, the single biggest thing that makes me feel valued and respected is having a partner who tries to show up every day ready to be a partner.

Don’t “help out with chores”, participate in them equally (without relying on her to tell you to do them). Don’t rely on her to keep track of birthdays and gifts, keep track of that yourself (including her birthday). The key here is to actually participate equally on all levels, she’s your partner not your manager. Don’t “do what you’re told”, if you see something that needs doing, just do it (and dont expect a parade after).

No, you don’t have to do every single chore 50/50 (some people hate dishes and would rather do laundry). But if you are mowing the lawn for 2 hours once a week, that does not equal her making dinner for 40 minutes every night.

This advice might not apply to you. But when I hear other woman saying they feel taken for granted, this is usually what they talk about.

22. Don’t do stuff just to get sex. Do stuff just because.

23. Give her your undivided attention always. (No phone in hand, tv, etc)

24. Every day you wake up hold her hand til her eyes open. Let her wake up a few moments and kiss her on the cheek. Tell her you love her and are so happy you built a life together. That night when you go to bed hold her hand again nuzzle her while spooning. Do the dishes every once in a while. Write reasons you cherish her and put them into letters or hand made cards for the holidays she most likes.

25. The best marriage advice I ever received, was to do all of things you would have done when you were first dating.

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