We Need More Harmonicas In Country Music

Originating back in the early 1900’s, harmonicas have pretty much been a staple of folk and blues music ever since.

There are quite a few country artists that use harmonicas today and for good reason. A good harmonica lick adds a whole new dimension to a country song.

Here are a few country artists that incorporate some good harmonica work into their music, but we definitely could use a few more of them.

Turnpike Troubadours – “Good Lord Lorrie”

Ryan Bingham – “Southside of Heaven”

Chris Janson – “Back In My Drinkin’ Days”

Gary Stanton of Muscadine Bloodline – “Southern Boy Cure”

Parker McCollum – “Silhouette”

Cody Cannon of Whiskey Myers – “Broken Window Serenade”

Carrie Underwood – “Choctaw County Affair”

Ruston Kelly – “Blackout”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock