Musician Plays The Guitar While Surgeons Operate On His Brain


According to the Guardian, a South African musician was filmed picking his guitar while surgeons operated on his brain to remove a debilitating tumor.

Musa Manzini’s guitar-playing helped guide the medical team in their delicate task while preserving neural pathways, said Dr Rohen Harrichandparsad, one of the neurosurgeons. Manzini was given local anaesthetic during what doctors call an awake craniotomy at Inkosi Albert Luthuli hospital in Durban.

“It increased the margin of safety for us, in that we could have real-time feedback on what we were doing,” Harrichandparsad said.

The doctors stimulate parts of the brain with a mild electrical shock to test and map areas that control key functions such as movement and speech. If a patient struggles to speak, or in this case, perform music when the current is applied to a particular area, doctors know they must be extra careful during the removal of the tumor in that area.

Holy shit…

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