Florida Woman Arrested For Swinging A Bag Of Chihuahua Puppies At Patrons In A Bar

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Florida. You got beautiful beaches, Disney World, and a never ending supply of the most ridiculous stories mankind has ever seen.

This latest one comes to us from the Briny Irish Pub in Pompano Beach, where 27-year-old Teresa Gardner was arrested after she brought a bag full of chihuahua puppies, along with the mother chihuahua, into the bar. The woman began violently swinging the bag around and at customers, which promoted the bar staff to call the police. When deputies arrived at the scene, Teresa was quite belligerent, eventually being detained and charged with animal cruelty and resisting arrest. It wasn’t clear where the puppies came from, but officials determined they were about four weeks old, NBC Miami reported.

What in the literal fuck?

There’s a lot of sick people out there, A LOT of them, but what the fuck are you thinking Teresa? Look, I know the Irish like to party. They like their soccer and getting fucked up on pints of Guinness, but I never met an Irish lad that brought a bag of puppies to the pub and started swinging it around at people. Not ever, and I dare anyone to find me one.

Thankfully, the puppies were placed in an animal shelter and are doing fine.

Oh, and just by looking at this mugshot, I would 100% peg her for a lady that would do something like this. Her face screams “I’m a psycho that swings bags of puppies at people.” A little bit of running mascara and a slight duckface, I wouldn’t be shocked if this becomes a new Tinder profile pic. The caption will read some generic bullshit about how she’s a little crazy but a whole lot of fun. Something like “if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Sure, Teresa… at worst you’re a puppy killer, at best? I don’t know… but something about this just screams meth.

Only in Florida…

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