Go Back In Time With This Rare Eric Church Concert Footage From 2006

How about a little trip down memory lane… or for many of us, trip to a place in time before we even knew Eric Church existed.

While browsing the interwebs this afternoon, I was unable to unearth this heaven-sent footage from all the way back in 2006, just a few days before the release of Eric Church’s debut album Sinners Like Me. Unless you were there from the early days of Chief playing dive bars in North Carolina, this was the year that Church really exploded onto the country music scene.

Recorded live from Jamboree in the Hills (RIP), in Morristown, Ohio, Eric Church takes the stage to perform songs like “Guys Like Me,” his debut single “How ‘Bout You,” a cover of The Band’s “The Weight,” “These Boots,” and a little number called “Sinners Like Me,” the title track a of debut record that would go on to become the first of many great albums from Eric.

It’s about 45 minutes long, but for a die-hard Chief fan,  it’s worth every second.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock