A Full-Grown Macaulay Culkin Is Back In New ‘Home Alone’ Google Ad

To quote another Christmas classic, a crummy commercial? Son of a bitch…

Yeah, it’s still a commercial, but a good one. For the their latest holiday ad, Google brought back a grown-ass Macaulay Culkin to reimagine what it would be like if he had the Google Home Assistant when he was “home alone” the first time. Of course, it makes things much easier.

What they should’ve done is make Home Alone 3 (as far as I’m concerned Home Alone 3-5 don’t exist) where now, an adult Kevin McCallister is 44-years-old, single, and is dealing with a host of mental and emotional problems due to the trauma he received as a child, thanks to his idiot parents that left him alone every Christmas.

I’d watch that. I’d watch that all day.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock