Tyler Childers To Deliver 500 Cases Of Clean Water To Eastern Kentucky Residents

Tyler Childers' new album, Purgatory, is out August 4

Great music and a great dude.

According to Lexington Herald Leader, Tyler Childers will be delivering 500 cases of water to Eastern Kentucky residents that don’t have any.

After an outage in January left thousands of residents without running water for days, along with numerous other infrastructure problems, Martin County is desperate for clean water. Many residents are going day on end without water, forcing some families to collect the rainwater for bathing. Many have shared videos on social media of brown and discolored water flowing out their taps.

“He’s one of us,” Kerr said of Kentucky native Tyler Childers. “For him to be that concerned about it and actually do something — actually put an action to it — is a big deal. I think he has a real passion for the water situation.”

Childers is from the neighboring Lawrence county.

This video explains why clean water is “as good as cash” in Eastern Kentucky, along with some of the other water problems plaguing the area.

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