Hear Brantley Gilbert’s New Single With Lindsay Ell, “What Happens In A Small Town”

Brantley Gilbert has teamed up with rising star Lindsay Ell for his new single, “What Happens In A Small Town.”

The small town anthem, is anything but “small,” with its intense build. This song is going to be relatable for many of you…

“This song builds and burns,” Gilbert says. “It really has that want for someone you can’t have, and having to live in all the places they are. I wanted to have someone on the record who could match those feelings, to really push the song. It’s not just any female singer who makes sense, and we knew that. But Lindsay is a whole other kind of artist, and she understands that power.”

“Lindsay plays with the same emotion that she sings with,” Gilbert offers. “Her voice is as intense on that guitar as it is when it comes out of her mouth. It’s awesome, and it’s something Dann and I both knew we wanted.”

“It was great that they wanted me to play,” Ell says. “To be part of a song like this is great, but to be asked to play on someone’s song who I respect so much takes it up another level. Obviously playing in front of Dann Huff is something else, but he knew how to really push me – and get a vocal that contains everything situations like this one are made of.”

“Music, especially music that rocks this hard, crashes through pride, ego and whatever else is in the way,” Ell continues. “Being able to play on this opened up the feelings to me. When I went in to do the vocal, it was all about really channeling that pain.”

Take a listen.

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