Busch Beer Launches The “Busch Button” To Silence Awkward Family Moments This Christmas

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You know how much I love Busch. Great beer. Long history with it too. Will never not love the stuff.

As you know, the holidays should be a time for family bonding over a tasty meal and a crisp, cold beer. Unfortunately, the good times are often interrupted by uncomfortable conversations, politics, inappropriate remarks and absurd comments from the ones you love most — family. Lucky for you, Busch Beer has developed a solution to these dinnertime moments.

The BUSCH Button.

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When shit gets awkward, crack a Busch, hit the button, fill the room with the smooth, refreshing sound of “Buschhhhhhhhhhhh” to cancel out the comments and let you get back to enjoying time with your loved ones – and drinking Busch.

To enter for a chance to win, comment with 5 emojis to describe your family gathering using #BuschButton and #Contest between today and Friday on the below tweet.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock