Rodeo Stars Get “Bucked Off” In Brad Paisley’s New Video

“This is where the cowboy gets bucked off.” Literally.

I’ve always found the idea of a rodeo to be fascinating. Maybe it’s because I grew up through the era of prime George Strait discography, with songs like “Still Make Cheyenne,” forever ingrained in my memory. Making the rodeo life sound so mysteriously addicting that you’d give up the rest of your life for the thrill of the ride. Or maybe because my mom was obsessed with the movie Pure Country.

Either way, Brad Paisley’s new single “Bucked Off” pays tribute to all of the above as a catchy twist to another break up song. He recently released a video full of 8 second (or less) rides of the various rodeo stars and their attempts.

These guys definitely deserve the credit for taking this ride again and again. Then getting right back up after they get bucked off. Which really is a good way to think about a relationship, you try, you get bucked off, you get up, and you try again.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock