New Study Finds That Your Favorite Beer Says A LOT About Your Personality

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Everything you need to know about a person can be found in what kind of beer they like to drink.

According to a new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Founders Brewery, lager drinkers, or the people that prefer less hoppy beers, also tend to be more goal-oriented and sociable, whereas ale drinkers, or people that prefer a more hoppy beer, prefer to stay inside with a cold one.

The study also found that lager drinkers report higher stress levels than ale drinkers, however they tend to work hard, while ale drinkers are the more likely to say they’re happy with their job and leading a more fulfilling life overall. Lager lovers also tend to spend more time worrying about their future, but they are more confident and more likely to enjoy meeting new people.

Long story short, lager beer fans tend to be more social, more stressed, harder-working, but less happy with their jobs. Ale drinkers tend to be less social, but also have lower levels of stress, don’t worry about their future as much and overall, live a more fulfilling life. Ale fans also tend to like the arts, lager fans are more into sports.

Can’t argue with science.

However, I will say that the lager folks being more social makes perfect sense. Have you ever tried to go out and drink all night with your friends and drink 15 IPAs? You’ll die. All you’re asking for is a stomach full of bread and a hangover from hell the next morning. The guy who wants to go out and party drinks 15 Coors Lights and he still wakes up feeling like shit, but it’s nothing that he can’t come back from. A Pedialyte, McDonald’s breakfast and a cold shower… good as new.

Gonna stay in a have 2 beers, of course I want an IPA. Going out on the town? Give me a bucket of Buds or some Coors Light. It’s pretty simple really.

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