31-Year-Old Texan Arrested For Telling Kids Santa Is Fake At Church Breakfast

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I realized Santa was fake when my dad told me to leave him whiskey and rocky road ice cream one time. I thought, hmmm, that’s an interesting snack I thought that guy ate cookies and milk. Nope, he doesn’t.

That leads me to this story, where a Texan was on a mission to ruin Christmas for a bunch of kids. 31-year-old Aaron Urbanski of Joshua, TX got himself into some shit this weekend, ending in cuffs.

He was arrested for telling children Santa is fake at a church breakfast, and then refusing to leave when police arrived. I’m trying to determine if copious amounts of alcohol were involved here, but can’t confirm.

Tis the season…I guess.

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via RT, photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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A beer bottle on a dock