Waylon Jennings Talks About School Shootings and Gun Control Almost 20 Years Ago

Waylon Jennings has always felt like a ghost to me, a person that is a figment of my imagination from an era that is long gone.

When time is always moving, some things remain timeless. Like a great song or a terrible tragedy, moments and words can transcend time to make a difference and directly impact the quality of our future.

I was surfing YouTube and found a video that involves Waylon discussing gun control and shootings on Prime Time Country in 1999. Waylon was always known for his honesty and transparency when discussing social topics. Whether or not he is correct, it’s interesting to watch a video from 20 years ago and feel how current it is.

“You know what, that’s a serious question, and I do have a serious answer. It’s not the guns, you know, because those boys, those kids were not supposed to have those guns at school. That’s against the law. So you can make all the laws you want to forever. Anybody that’s gonna shoot somebody don’t worry about the laws. I tell you who’s at blame. When you can get your picture on the front page of TIME Magazine, and when the television shows your face and tells them what your name is … England stopped that one time, England did not do that. I don’t now if they still aren’t doing it or not. But if you don’t give them that 15 minutes of glory, and that’s exactly what they’re looking for, there’ll be a lot less of it. We gotta stop giving them people publicity.” -Waylon Jennings

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