Mason Ramsey Releases “White Christmas” And It’s Weird

I thought the yodeling, old school country, stuff Mason Ramsey was doing when he burst onto the scene was pretty cool.

Since then, he’s released some head-scratching songs (“Famous”) including his most recent, “White Christmas.” The kid isn’t even old enough to know Santa is fake. So maybe, that’s why this can be perceived as endearing.

I’ll say it again – too many country artists release Christmas music. One person is great at it – Brett Eldredge.

As for the song and video below…weird. A bunch of third graders in goofy outfits dancing in an empty arena while Mason dances with his mic. He doesn’t have the voice to sing these types of songs right now. Go play this for your mom as she mulls hot wine, and she’ll stare a hole through you and put Sinatra back on.

Merry Christmas.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock