Luke Combs’ Fiancée Nicole Shares First Photo Of Engagement Ring With Heartfelt Message

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Look at that rock. Well done, Luke, well done.

I got married a couple months ago, and trust me when I say the entire process, from picking out the ring to making it official, is stressful as fuck. Having said that, Luke and Nicole have an awesome thing going; that’s clear to see. They genuinely seem happy as can be, and that’s the most important part.

Nicole just shared the first photo of the ring Luke picked out and it’s a beauty. She also shared the following heartfelt message:

Now that I’ve had time to let it sink in a little.. I always said if I was to ever get married, I didn’t want to pick out the ring or go ring shopping. I wanted it to be something that when he saw it, he knew that it was the one.. & boyyyyyy did he out do himself. I never thought a ring could mean so much to me. I love you Luke Albert Combs, I’m going to marry the hell outta you ♥️♥️♥️

Congrats to these two again.

Nicole rocks that RIFF shirt well, too. Get your RIFF shirts here.

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