Frat House Asked To Remove “Offensive” American Flag, So They Replaced It With An Even Bigger One

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Strange times we’re living in… strange times indeed.

The Sigma Chi chapter at Stanford no longer exists, but that didn’t stop a student from spilling the details about what happened during their probation period last year.

According to The Stanford Review, while the fraternity was on probation, a school administrator, acting as a liaison between the fraternity and the Stanford administration advised the Sigma Chi boys to remove “potentially discomforting symbol outside,” the American flag flown in front of the house.

Discomforting symbol? Huh?

“He furthered that if Sigma Chi wished to break away from stereotypes that plagued the house and to change its perception on campus, its members should contemplate un-hoisting the potentially offensive American flag.” Their survival as a fraternity depended on it…

The fraternity responded by removing the flag and replacing it with an BIGGER one, a “silent but visible protest” against the the University’s attitude toward the American flag.


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