It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Cody Jinks Covering George Strait’s “Unwound”

I went to my first Cody Jinks show on Saturday. Non-ironically, I went to this show with friends I made at a Ward Davis gig a few months back, my first ever “Texas Country” experience. I loved it, so naturally, I had to go back for more. However, this Cody Jinks show was even better.

It was bigger, louder, and overall, way rowdier. These fans are serious about Cody Jinks, but as you have heard from Whiskey Riff many times before, he is absolutely the real deal in every way imaginable.

At the show on Saturday, he started talking about how sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a little bit and add something new into the set. He mentioned that the night before in Iowa, he performed a cover of George Strait’s “Unwound.” It went so well on Friday night, he decided to do it again.

A sold-out crowd, full of authentic traditional country music fans, jamming out to a cover of The King… it doesn’t get much better.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock