Billboard’s Year-End Country Charts Released & Shocker, It’s A Lot Of Dudes

It’s about that time of the year.

Year-end charts, best of 2018 articles, every publication that matters and even the one’s that don’t (which is most of them) tabulating their end of the year best of the best lists.

Every year, Billboard releases their year-end charts which are based on chart performance from the past year. Each year-end category ranks the best-performing acts and songs of the year based on activity on the Billboard 200 albums tally and the Billboard Hot 100 songs list, as well as streaming, social media and Billboard Boxscore data.

In the country music category, there’s a few surprises, a few “well duhs,” and of course when it comes to country radio, a whole lot of dudes. In the Year-End Country Artists category, there’s only 6 solo female artists in the Top 50, including Faith Hill, who hasn’t done much solo music in recent memory. On the Year-End Country Airplay Songs, only 6 women in 60 songs. On the Year-End Hot Country Songs chart, 10 solo female artists out of 100. A pretty consistent 10%

So when you hear all this talk about the lack of women on country radio, this is what they’re talking about.

Anyways, here are the charts.

Top Country Artists

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Hot Country Songs

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