Neighbors Horrified By Giant Penis-Shaped Christmas Light Display

A large house with a tree in front of it


According to sources, neighbors of this small town are unhappy with this one particular house in their neighborhood’s display of Christmas spirit. The house, which is believed to house a group of college students, erected (no pun intended) a large Christmas light penis on the front of their building.

“It was quite a shock to be honest. When you walk home you just don’t expect to come face to face with an enormous penis on a wall,” said one of the neighbors. “The lights were flashing and it is so in your face, you cannot help staring at it. I was in complete disbelief. I know young people like to have fun, but it’s deeply offensive and shows a lack of respect.”

Boys will be boys…

The problem with a group of young college kids, and I know because I was one, is you rarely have someone around to tell you that your half-baked, bad ideas are, in fact, very BAD ideas. Erecting (again, no pun intended) a large penis on the side of your house is 100% a bad idea. If you insist on erecting (again, no pun intended) a large penis monument, maybe try your back yard, where nobody will see it except you and your friends who circle up underneath it, ripping cigs and posting stories to their Instagrams.

Just a thought…

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