The Rock Settles The “Pineapple on Pizza” Debate

Dwayne Johnson holding a chicken

The argument is over.

The long-fought debate about pineapple on pizza is now closed. When The Rock weighs in, you listen, and you just say “shit, I guess it’s OK.” In an Instagram post, Johnson said the following:

Got the glorious text from my strength & conditioning coach @daverienzi that read “DJ, need a mid week carb up for your big scenes tomorrow. Eat a pizza and send me your pics in the morning” to which I responded – Watch. This. We’re having fun strategically manipulating my diet/body for shooting HOBBS & SHAW (my Fast & Furious spin-off film) and I love these midweek pizza carb ups like a drunk loves free peanuts. As for my pizza toppings – keep in mind, I’m the guy who likes to put tequila and brown sugar in my oatmeal, so pineapple on pizza is MY JAM – with ham. #PizzaCarbUp #StrategicManipulation #HobbsAndShaw #MyPizzaMyRules

As you know, The Rock’s “cheat days” are legendary.

So, there you have it. Pineapple on pizza is OK.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock