5 of the Best Country Songs You Won’t Hear on Mainstream Radio

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Mainstream country radio can be like an old college roommate that tells the same stories over and over again.

For the past year I thought that I was going batshit crazy with so many songs about being 16-years-old, old flings and pop beats disguised as country songs to make sorority girls swoon. I’d rather plug in my piece of shit AUX chord and play Sturgill, Stapleton, Childers, Isbell and Waylon with a “slight tinge” of deafening white noise when I hit a bump. If you’re fan of country music that can’t be called anything but “country,” these songs below are top-notch.

Here are five of the best country songs you won’t hear on mainstream radio.

1. Tyler Childers – “Feathered Indians”

2. Sturgill Simpson – “Call To Arms”

3. Whiskey Myers – “Trailer We Call Home”

4. Tyler Childers- “All Yourn”

5. Jacob Powell – “Silver Bullet Proof”

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