Texas State Rep Files Bill For Annual Football Game Between Texas & Texas A&M

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A bunch of crooks and hacks that don’t do shit for the common man. They just sit in their fancy offices, attend their fancy fundraising events and stuff their fancy suit pockets with taxpayer dollars. Despicable.

Thankfully, one representative from the great state of Texas is actually doing something.

According to the Texas Tribune, state Rep. Lyle Larson, a San Antonio Republican who earned a bachelor’s degree from A&M, filed¬†House Bill 412 on Tuesday, which would require the two teams to “play a nonconference, regular-season football game against one another on the fourth Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of November each year.”

UT-Austin and A&M have played each other more than 100 times. But the annual game ceased when A&M moved to the Southeastern Conference. The last game was in 2011.

“We owe it to Texans to do all we are able to bring back this storied rivalry,” Larson said in a released statement. “It’s time for the folks in Austin and College Station to get in a room and make a deal to restore the rivalry.”

You can always count on Texas to have their priorities in line.

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