Payless Tricked High Fashion Folks Into Spending Hundreds On $20 Payless Shoes

As a kid that went to Payless a lot, I absolutely love this.

The high-fashion scene (people in Los Angeles) is pretty ridiculous. Pay $1,000 for a t-shirt because it says Gucci? Fuck outta my face with that.

Payless knows what kind of clowns these people really are so they set up a fake store called “Palessi,” marked up their cheap shoes to 2, 4, and even $600 per pair, and tricked a whole bunch of fashion folks and influencers into engaging with their own stupidity.

They dangled something new and Italian in front of their face and they just came running with buckets of money to spend. Soooooo LA.

Palessi? I mean, come on people…

Watch the reaction when one shopper found out she paid $400 for $20 Payless shoes.

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