The New ‘Future Is Here’ Playlist Puts a Spotlight on Country Music’s Brightest Young Stars

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We asked a simple question on social media…

“Who are some of your favorite NEW country artists?”

The comments poured in, but to start, let’s try to hammer out some details. Some people don’t know what “new” means. While the word is somewhat subjective in this case, there’s definitely an obvious point where everyone knows who a given artists is. For this playlist, we approached “new” as really new. Artists that are making noise, have momentum building, and possess a shit-ton of talent. The goal here is for you, the fans, to truly discover some new artists you haven’t listened to yet.

An artist like Luke Combs is not in this list, even though we love the guy. Luke is past the point of “new” for a playlist like this.

Some will point out Tyler Childers is not “new.” However, I want any people that only listen to mainstream country to hear him, so fuck it. He’s in there. It’s my playlist. Too bad.

You can’t make everyone happy with a playlist like this, but I think you’ll dig it.

Anyways, enough talking. Here are 90 songs spotlighting the brightest young stars in country music. There’s a wide variety of sound, lots of Texas country, and yes, plenty of deserving and badass women.


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A beer bottle on a dock