Tenille Townes’ Hard-Hitting “Jersey On The Wall” Will Tear You Up

I love country songs that make you feel something deep and provide you with something you can relate to.

Happy, sad, love, heartbreak, whatever it may be, country songs have a special way of being relatable because the lyrics are real and tell a story. “Jersey On The Wall” by Tenille Townes is a prime example.

“This song, and its permission to ask God the hard questions, is so important to me. I think it’s in conversation, and in stepping into that vulnerable place, where we find the healing we might be looking for. This was inspired by an incredible group of people in Grand Manan that I had the pleasure of getting to know. They had just been through a horrible tragedy where five students from their high school had gotten into an accident and one of those students, Danielle, passed away. I kept in touch with that community and went back for the high school graduation the following year. I sat in the gym, watched Danielle’s parents award her honorarium scholarship and on the wall of the gym was Danielle’s jersey. I stared at the jersey will all kinds of questions for God. Shortly after my trip there, my best friend’s little brother passed away and after that somebody I graduated high school with was also killed in an accident. I walked into the writing session with Gordie Sampson and Tina Parole a few months later with all of my emotions and the song found us that day. I’m so grateful it did.” – Tenille Townes

As someone who lost one of their best friends in high school to a car accident, this song especially hits home with me, as I’m sure it will with a lot of you.

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A beer bottle on a dock