Cody Johnson Forced To Cancel Three Shows After Doctors Put Him On Vocal Rest

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For my money, CoJo is one of the best live acts in country music right now. You hate to see him have to cancel any shows, but it’s doctors orders. It’s kind of like a football player that pulled hammy, sure a grinder like Cody could play through the pain, but it’s going to be better for him, and the fans, to rest it up and come back bigger, faster, stronger. Unfortunately, this weekend’s fans are going to have to take one for the team. Lots of sports analogies going on there.

This weekend’s shows will be moved to March 2nd for Knoxville, Tennessee, March 21 in Atlanta, Georgia, and May 3 for Greenville, South Carolina.

Get well soon Cody, country music needs you.

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A beer bottle on a dock