Santa’s Bourbon Pre Workout Is The Only Drink You Need This Winter

You want energy? Done.

You want to be festive? Done.

You want to get drunk? Done.

That’s where Santa’s Bourbon Pre Workout drink comes in. Your new favorite during these winter months.


1 ½ oz. (45ml) Bourbon
½ oz. (15ml) Peppermint/Brown Sugar Syrup
1 ½ oz. (45ml) Espresso
½ oz. (15ml) Chocolate Liqueur
Garnish: Peppermint Stick, Grated Nutmeg


1. Combine Bourbon, peppermint/brown sugar syrup, espresso, and chocolate liqueur in a shaker and dry shake (no ice).
2. Add ice and shake again.
3. Strain mix into a glass and insert a peppermint stick.
4. Top with grated nutmeg.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock