Cinnabon’s Great New Hangover Food, French Toast Sausage Bites, Available at Gas Stations Only

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Don’t sleep on gas station food.

Growing up, some of the best fried chicken came from a gas station. A lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. That “broasted” stuff is good eating. Craving it right now, actually.

Anywho, speaking of gas stations, Cinnabon has these new French Toast Sausage Bites which look like some amazing hangover food. They’ll be exclusively available at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers/Service Stops. They’ll run you $3.09 for three pieces and $4.29 for five.

I gotta say, if you’re looking to plump up while on the road, these seem like a nice snack during the winter months.

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h/t Bustle

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A beer bottle on a dock