Michael Ray’s “Dancing Forever” – A Deep Cut That You Need To Hear

You know a song is good when it can have multiple meanings and interpretations to multiple people.

Example? Michael Ray’s heartfelt ballad “Dancing Forever.”

When I first listened to it, I pictured a guy having a girl in his life that he loves deeply, but the girl is a free spirit, marching to the beat of her own drum. He then goes on to say that he’ll always admire her, whether she’s here or gone, he’ll always be watching her “dancing forever.”

However, Michael revealed in an interview with iHeartRadio that he actually got very emotional while recording the song because it made him think of his sister getting married and dancing with their Dad on her wedding day.

“In the studio, we were cutting a song called ‘Dancing Forever’ on the album, and sometimes songs just hit you different, and I, for whatever reason, heard this song in a different way than what I had heard it all the way up to recording it. In the middle of doing vocals, I got emotional singing the lyrics to it, thinking of my little sister, and my dad. And I was like ‘Man this is a dad/daughter dance.’ This is knowing that somebody, no matter where you’re at, is just wanting you to shine. And they can sit back and watch you dance forever and let the world see how great you are. And I just couldn’t help but get a little emotional while doing the lyrics.”

Michael Ray even performed the song last year for survivors at the hospital a few days after the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

A love song, a song about father/daughter dancing at a wedding, a song for ones that are no longer with us, a song to promote healing… a single song, powerful in that many ways, is a special song in my book.

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