This Thanksgiving Leftover Waffle Turkey Sandwich Is A Game Changer

Thanksgiving might just be my favorite holiday.

It’s literally a holiday surrounded by good food, good drinks, family and football. What could be better?

And the great thing about Thanksgiving food? You have it for days and days and it never really seems to suck. If you’re not a “leftover person,” first of all, congrats, it must be nice… but second of all, you’re probably doing it wrong. And, you’re definitely not doing it like this.

This genius recipe takes your leftover stuffing and, using a waffle press, creates the perfect sandwich bread for the rest of the leftover Thanksgiving fixins. Turkey, taters, cranberry sauce, stacked high on a stuffing waffle? Forget about it…

Here’s what to do”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock