PSA: No One Wants To Hear You Brag About Concerts

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First, let me just start by saying that we all love country music. That’s why we’re here.

We all love concerts. We all have our favorite artists and we all hold them very close to our hearts.

Second, there are many different ways to enjoy a concert and we all have our preferences. Some like to be in seats. Some like to hang in the back of the pit. Some like to be in the front row. Some people like to be in the front for their favorite artists and the rest of the time, they don’t really care.

If we didn’t all have different concert preferences, we couldn’t fill up and sell out all the different venues that our favorite artists play at. We are all so different, but we all have so many positive things in common.

What’s not positive? When someone feels the need to brag about their previous concert experiences.

People really love to tell complete strangers how many concerts they go to, who they were front row for last week, how many times they’ve seen their favorite artist, how far they traveled to get to that show. It all turns what should be an enjoyable and exciting time waiting for the show into a mind-numbing, one-uping competition. You know what, that’s great. But guess what? We’re all here right now in the exact same place seeing the exact same show.

From my experience, the people that I know that have seen the most or traveled the furthest are the ones not saying anything at all. It’s not a competition to them. They’re just there to enjoy the show. They don’t care who you were front row for last week. They don’t care how many times you’ve seen this artist. They just want to see the show and have a good time.

It’s okay to be proud of your concert hobby. But you can be proud and excited for yourself without projecting it on to everyone around you. Stop feeling like you need to compete or impress the people you meet; it’s most likely having the opposite effect.

Just go to the show, shut up, be happy, and make friends that love the same music as you.

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