New Study Says Living in a Cold and Dark Place Leads To More Binge Drinking

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Aaaand totally not surprised by this.

New research has determined that living in a cold and dark climate leads to more heavy/binge drinking. Well, yeah, no shit. What else are you supposed to do? Curl up by the fireplace with a nice glass of whiskey. That’s what many will say. However, the new report suggests it’s not casual drinking, rather an unhealthy binge.

According to BBC, data from 193 countries provided evidence climate contributed to a higher incidence of binge drinking and liver disease. A Scottish doctor is now calling for restrictions in alcohol advertising during winter months.

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Senior author Ramon Bataller, associate director of the Pittsburgh Liver Research Centre, said: “This is the first study that systematically demonstrates that worldwide and in America, in colder areas and areas with less sun, you have more drinking and more alcoholic cirrhosis.”

To add to the bad news, drinking also is linked to depression, which tends to be more prevalent when sunlight is scarce. So all this interconnects.

Dr Peter McCann, medical adviser to Castle Craig Hospital, said “We now have new evidence that the weather, and in particular the temperature and amount of sunlight that we are exposed to, has a strong influence on how much alcohol we consume.”

This all makes sense, it does. There has to be some science on day drinking too. Seriously. Take if from me, living in Chicago, when the weather gets warm the amount of drinking going on at weird hours is truly a sight to behold. People lose their minds to day drink.

Regardless of where you’re living, don’t drink yourself stupid in these winter months.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock