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Luke Bryan Impostor Attempts To Scam Fan With Ridiculously Fake Driver’s License

I know these fake accounts scam people, potentially costing them a lot of money, but sometimes they’re just flat-out hysterical.

Like this Luke Bryan impostor that attempted (and almost succeeded) to scam a fan that was new to Instagram.

“I thought wow, I just came on here yesterday and all the sudden Luke Bryan is reaching out to me,” Cassandra Johnson tells ABC13 Houston.

“I got excited. I thought I probably won some concert tickets,” she said.

But this Luke Bryan flipped the script when he asked if she had any debt or bills she needed help with.

“I thought it was a blessing,” Johnson said.

When she asked him to prove he was the real Luke Bryan, he delivered this ridiculously fake Tennessee driver’s license, featuring a tuxedo-clad Luke Bryan who apparently stopped at the DMV on his way to the CMA Awards this past Wednesday.

“I am just sending this to you as a prove,” also seems to indicate that Luke has a pretty piss-poor understanding of the English language. Seems legit…

Luke Bryan in a red shirt

Her advice?

“Look for that little blue checkbox so you can confirm it’s the celebrity or whatever, that it’s real,” she said.

Yeah, duh Cassandra…

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