10 Things I’m More Than Willing To Sacrifice For Concert Tickets

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I’ve spent the last several years spending an obscene amount of money on concert tickets.

I have absolutely no plan to stop. However, some little voice inside my head keeps nagging me about not blowing so much money on everything AND concert tickets. Maybe that nagging voice is my bank account and credit card statement. Whatever it is, it’s annoying, but it finally made me open my eyes.

So, I’ve spent the last couple weeks really trying to spend as little as possible (except the day where two shows went on sale at the same time) and pay attention to where I do extra spend money. While I’ve been doing this, I’ve started to notice some trends.

These are the things I’ve found myself willing to sacrifice to save money for concert tickets:

1. Buying coffee – I still make coffee at home every day, I’m not insane. I just forced myself to stop picking some up on my way to work or buying an afternoon pick me up.

2. Buying food – I obviously still eat, but instead of getting take out several times a week, I made myself go to the grocery store. Then forced myself to stand in the kitchen and cook it all. None of those meal prepping services either, those cost three times as much as the groceries did.

3. Eating – Adding to the point above. I’m not a bad cook at all, but sometimes you can only eat the same thing so many days in a row. I packed a lunch today, but I didn’t eat it. So now I’m hangry, but it’s going to be worth it.

4. Car Insurance – Relax, I didn’t cancel my insurance plan, but I did go through my policy in every detail and I reduced several parts. Ultimately saving me the cost of one ticket to a small venue per month.

5. Getting my nails done – This one has been painful, but sometimes you have to weigh it out. Concerts will always win, so I stopped getting my nails done. I’m only at three weeks so far, but I really plan on sticking it out. As hard and awful as it may be.

6. Going out for things other than concerts – Do people realize how much cheaper it is to drink at home versus drink at a bar? A LOT.

7. Online Shopping – I’ve spent a significant amount of time unsubscribing from store email lists. If I don’t know there’s a sale, I won’t feel the need to look, and ultimately buy something I don’t need. Experiences > Things.

8. Heat – It’s cooling down outside. It’s also cooling down inside my house. This isn’t new though, I always have this personal mission to last as long as possible without turning on the heat. It really isn’t enjoyable and I don’t know what I’m trying to prove or to whom. But now, I’m just hoping to make my gas/electric bill cheaper.

9. Paying for services I can do myself – My neighbor offered to rake all my leaves, I declined. Whatever the price was, I did it myself for free, and it’s good “exercise.”

10. Leaving my house – Everything costs money, it’s just the way of the world. I figured out, if I don’t leave my house except to go to work and concerts, it’s a lot cheaper to just entertain myself.

Y’all, this is not for the weak.

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