Brad Paisley To Perform New Single “Bucked Off” At CMA Awards

Brad Paisley playing a guitar

Hosting, performing new material, Brad will be doing it all at the CMA Awards tomorrow evening.

Co-written alongside Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, the new single “Bucked Off” is the first song from Brad’s upcoming album, set to be released sometime in 2019.

“It’s more of a return to me of what I started out doing, which is I wanted to be George Strait,” Paisley told the Tennessean. “I realized as I was writing for this record, I’ve never done a rodeo song, and I’ve sung them my whole life doing covers of Garth Brooks and George. I thought, ‘What would it sound like to create a new hook based on some of that old music?’”

“I love the metaphor of it,” Paisley said of “Bucked Off.” “I like fun breakup songs. Looking at what’s released right now, it’s just a great time to do something … that’s honky-tonk and kind of feels like you stepped back in time with one foot in the future, too.”

According to a post on Brad’s Instagram, the song has already hit country radio.

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