Musician Creates Fake Fanbase, Label, Booking Agency To Land Himself European Tour That Nobody Came To

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What a bizarre story…

According to MetalSucks, Jered Threatin, the frontman of a metal band affectionately named “Threatin” concocted an entire music career to book himself an 8-city European tour. He created a fake label, fake booking agency, fake design company, fake Facebook page, fake interviews on YouTube, fake concert footage featuring massive crowds, fake press websites, fake album reviews… the list is absolute endless of fake things he created to hold himself out as a legitimate musician.

So when he started booking his European Tour, claiming that he sold hundreds of pre-sale tickets, venues were happy to book him… until they realized that literally ZERO people were going to show up.

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After a few of these “gigs,” the venues started contacting each other and the “tour” has since been cancelled. As it turns out, Threatin is just one guy (he doesn’t even have a band) that pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes. My only question though, what was the end game?

Did he think the venue would just be full anyways? Did he think the opening acts would bring enough people to trick the venue? Did he just not care at all? Is Jimmy Kimmel behind this? It’s beyond fascinating and I’m actually kind of impressed that he could fool this many people. Bring the whole “fake it, til you make it” thing to an entirely new level.

Just for laughs, here’s the tour promo video.

Here’s the reality…

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You can’t make this stuff up…

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