Is MillerCoors About To Put PBR Out Of Business?

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Kicking off Monday morning with a little bit of legal drama.

Hipster fan-favorite PBR is going to trial with MillerCoors today over a beer production dispute that could essentially wipe out the entire existence of Pabst Brewing Company.

Long story short, Pabst Brewing Company relies very heavily on MillerCoors to produce, pack, and ship all of its products which include Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Natty Boh and Lone Star. The contract is set to expire and Miller Coors is now saying that it’s going to cost Pabst 3 times what they have been paying in previous years for MillerCoors to continue to produce for them, which Pabst claims will bankrupt them, and virtually shut the doors on PBR production for good.

According to, Pabst needs 4 million to 4.5 million barrels brewed annually and claims MillerCoors is its only option. It is seeking more than $400 million in damages and for MillerCoors to be ordered to honor its contract. Pabst accuses MillerCoors of intentionally trying to eliminate them altogether.

Love me a good court room drama, especially about beer, but I’ll be honest… I hate PBR. Hate it with a fiery passion. Love me a good hipster bar, even don’t mind a good hipster neighborhood, but PBR is rat piss in a can and I refuse to believe otherwise.

I hope MillerCoors wipes them off the face of the universe. Team MillerCoors all the way. Don’t @ me.

Get ready Pabst…

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A beer bottle on a dock