Kip Moore Tips His Hat To The Great Tom Petty With New “It Ain’t California”

Is it November 16th yet?

This new one from Kip’s upcoming acoustic EP, Room To Spare: The Acoustic Sessions, is a tribute to the great Tom Petty, but as Kip tells Rolling Stone Country, he wrote it almost 10 years ago.

“Charlie heard me humming the chorus and was immediately engaged, asking why I wasn’t recording that one,” says Moore. “I explained my reservations, which led to us talking about a variety of topics. One being Tom Petty mixed with the vanity of the world, and how it seems musicians are chasing fame now rather than greatness. And Petty being a guiding musical light all these years. Next thing you know we were re-writing ‘It Ain’t California.’”

So with a little help from the crazy-talented Charlie Worsham, Kip recorded this stellar tribute to a music legend, “It Ain’t California.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock