Kane Brown Addresses Gun Violence & Police Brutality In New “American Bad Dream”

Kane Brown is one of the more polarizing figures in country music, and now he’s using his platform to address even more polarizing issues.

On one of the tracks from his brand new album Experiment, Kane sounds off on gun control and police brutality, two topics that many country stars refuse to discuss.

“Instead of people being on different sides, I feel like we should all just meet in the middle and wake up and realize it,” Brown tells the Tennessean. “What’s good about music is it’s sending out a message, and “American Bad Dream” is my message to everyone.”

With the events of Route 91 Harvest last year and the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting that took the lives of 12 earlier this week, the country music community has experienced its own fair share of senseless gun violence. It’s high-time we start talking about it.

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