Granger Smith Unveils ‘They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary,’

Sometimes, it’s more than just country music.

Arriving on November 30th, along with an original soundtrack, the self-produced documentary honors the lives of five fallen soldiers and seeks to pay tribute to their heroic sacrifices and infinite legacies.

“I’m lucky enough to have achieved a lot of different milestones and accolades in my career, but I realize that doesn’t come from merit alone. I discovered a long time ago that I am allowed to chase these dreams because of men and woman who volunteer to ensure my freedom.”

“I’ve taken entertainment tours to war zones in the Middle East. I’ve walked 400 miles in combat boots to raise money for returning soldiers. And somehow, none of that comes close to repaying my debt of gratitude. When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. Their sacrifice has sewn the fabric of our freedom, and their story must be retold.”

Over the course of five days, Granger Smith, along with director Paul De La Cerda honored each soldier, one hero per day, reading personal letters from the soldiers and meeting with family members and loved ones throughout the course of the film.

Check out the trailer below.

A note from Granger:

A lot of you probably won’t remember, but around 3 years ago, I asked for submissions from Gold Star families; Americans that lost someone while serving our country over the last decade.

The response was staggering. I received over 300 stories from my social network alone. We read every submission and carefully narrowed the stories down to 5. It was difficult to say the least.

From these 5 heroes, I began the most comprehensive & emotionally consuming project of my entire career: a film called “They Were There.”

A documentary not focusing on the deaths, but instead the LIVES of these heroes, the contributions they made to their communities and what they left behind, for better or for worse.

I’m a very lucky man. I live the cherished “American Dream.” But that dream comes with a price. Freedom comes with a price, a sacrifice.

I hope this film means something to YOU. I hope it makes a difference. I hope it encourages you that while we all should indulge the fruits of this American privilege, we should strive to LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF THE SACRIFICE. So that all of those sacrifices were not in vain.

So we can remember while we were here…they were there.

I can’t wait for y’all to see it!

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