Why Pistol Annies’ “Best Years of My Life” Describes My Worst Nightmare

Beyond thankful to have the Pistol Annie’s back and killing the country music game.

These three powerful women have already shared several songs on their upcoming album. Songs that make you laugh, cry, and perhaps, most importantly, think. It wouldn’t be true country music if it didn’t make you feel something.

So here I am, listening to “Best Years of My Life” and I realize that Miranda, Ashley, and Angaleena just wrote a song living out my worst nightmare. The song describes the life of a woman who settled for a man in a small town and the only thing she has to look forward to is getting high.

I’m from a super small town in the middle of nowhere. Most people stay there, marry someone from our high school or another one in the area, and live out their little lives in the same spot. To me, this always sounded like an absolute nightmare. I couldn’t wait to leave and as soon as I did, I left my high school boyfriend in the dust. The life he was planning for us wasn’t the one for me.

In the song, the Pistol Annie’s highlight several things that I was most afraid of…

“I’ve got the hankering for intellectual emptiness”

I was afraid I’d need mind altering substances to escape the awareness of the reality of my daily life.

“I’ll watch some re-runs on the TV set, these are the best days of my life.”

Afraid that my highlights and past times would be simply watching TV and wasting away the my prime years of life.

“I was lookin’ forward to stayin’ here forever, ‘cause you asked me to.”

Afraid that I would stay just because someone asked, not because I wanted to, and that I’d convince myself it was what I wanted.

“Didn’t think that I could do better.”

That I would lose sight of what I wanted and deserved, then marry whoever was there without knowing any better.

“So, I settled down, in this ten-cent town. It’s about to break me.”

I always knew my dreams were too big for that little town, so I was afraid if I stayed and settled, I might just go crazy.

“I’m gonna mix a drink and try to drown this worthlessness.”

Afraid that by staying, I would lose sight of who I was and any talent or skills I once knew within myself.

“Well, he don’t love me, but he ain’t gone yet.”

That I would end up in a loveless marriage and just be glad that it hadn’t completely fallen apart yet.

“I’m in the middle of the worst of it, these are the best days of my life.”

Mostly just afraid that I would spend the best years of my life completely miserable with the way my life had turned out.

Thankfully, I left my small town and never looked back.

Now, these are, without a doubt, the best years of my life.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock