Jake Owen, Shania Twain & Travis Tritt Announce Their ‘Real Country’ Contestants

Another singing competition show? You better believe it.

However, as the name implies, Real Country is looking for the next generation of real country music star and according to Travis Tritt, “what the future of country should be.” That’s why each of the judges hand-selected the contestants who will be competing for a shot at $100,000, a chance to perform at Stagecoach and the opportunity to play the iconic Grand Ole Opry.

You might recognize some of the contestants.

Shania Twain’s Picks:

The Davisson Brothers Band, Riley Thompson, Billie Jo, Tiera, Micah Woods, Kylie Frey and The Young Fables

Jake Owen’s Picks:

Jamie Floyd, Savannah Keyes, Adairs Run, Jaida Dreyer, Larry Fleet, Frank Ray and Regan Stewart

Travis Tritt’s Picks:

Bri Bagwell, Tony Jackson, Scooter Brown, Copper Chief, Dave Kennedy, Cody Purvis and Porter Union

Real Country will premiere November 13th, on USA.

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A beer bottle on a dock