Austin, TX Couple Turn Their House Into Whataburger For Halloween

Two girls wearing hats and standing in front of a building

I ain’t big on haunted houses.

This on the other hand I’m all for. An Austin, TX couple, Nicole Jensen and Cheri Horner, transformed their home into the famous fast-food chain, Whataburger, for Halloween. They even got the outfits on-point.

They called it “Whataween” and had a bunch of friends over to eat over $500 worth of Whataburger.

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“Cheri and I love dressing up and planning themed events so naturally Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We always try to think of ways to outdo ourselves each year and decided this year we would need to turn the entire house into our costume to really get the impact we wanted,” Jensen told Fox News.

It was a big hit, as people on social media commented with “greatest thing I’ve ever seen” and “you win Halloween.”

If you want to go fucking crazy for Halloween, do something like this. Don’t spray paint your dog.

photo credit: @austintourco

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