AJ McLean Releases Another Flaming Pile Of Dogsh*t, “Night Visions”

This clown is back again…

During a red carpet interview at the ACMs earlier this year, AJ McLean made headlines with his delusional “disrupt country music” comments. If you missed that ridiculous interview, you can watch it here, but long story short, the 40-year-old, washed up, 5th Backstreet Boy thinks he’s going to completely change the game in country music.

His first single “Backyard Bottle Service” was complete fucking dogshit, maybe worse than that (read the review here), but he’s back and worse than ever with this dumpster fire of a song called “Night Visions.” It’s not so much the song itself that makes me want to kill myself, after all, our buddies Tyler Rich and Brett Tyler co-wrote it, it’s McLean’s piss-poor delivery and desperate attempt to remain relevant by trashing country music that makes me hate everything this bozo does.

I would rather be tortured by the CIA with the Barney theme song on repeat for 72 straight hours, than listen to 5 seconds of this dumpster fire.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock