30 Straightforward Pieces Of Advice From Eric Church’s “Some Of It”

What. A. Song.

Written by Eric Church, Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels and Bobby Pinson, “Some Of It” has become an early fan-favorite from the new album Desperate Man. While I’m still pretty partial to “Higher Wire,” even Luke Combs is calling this one an all-time, Top 5, Eric Church song.

Don’t @ him.

I always like to look deeper into a song to see what the artist is really trying to say. If you think the message behind the music doesn’t shape our culture these days, you’re a crazy person. Music matters and Eric Church is saying something we all need to hear right now.

Here’s 30 straightforward nuggets of wisdom from Eric Church’s new song “Some Of It.”

1. Beer don’t keep.

Drink it dummy.

2. Love’s not cheap.

Don’t take it for granted.

3. Trucks don’t wreck themselves.

You know it was your fault. Learn to take responsibility for things you fucked up.

4. Momma ain’t a shrink.

She has some good advice, but that’s not her job. Don’t make it her job.

5. Daddy ain’t a bank.

Mine sure wasn’t, but if you treat him like one, that bank will eventually close.

6. God ain’t a wishing well.

Don’t only talk to God when you want something. Doesn’t work that way.

7. Money ain’t rich.

Some of the richest people in the world are the most miserable. Money doesn’t make you rich.

8. Everybody sins.

Especially you.

9. Nobody wins in a fight.

Learn to walk away. It’s not worth breaking your hand over some idiot in a bar.

10. Sometimes wrong is right.

Throughout the course of human history, people have stood up against injustice. They were willing to be “wrong” for what is “right.” Do the same.

11. Girls like to laugh.

Ever wonder how she got that guy? He’s probably makes her laugh.

12. Tears don’t last.

It’s cliche, but it’s true. Time heals everything.

13. Scared is what praying is for.

Go back and listen to “Monsters.”

14. If it’s close swing the bat.

4 balls doesn’t get you “walked” in life.

15. Everybody’s got a past.

Yourself included.

16. Loves worth living for.

Even if you have nothing else, if you have love, that’s all you need.

17. When you dance hold her close.

Even if you have two left feet.

18. Til’ it breaks go for broke.

The most common regret old folks have is NOT doing something. Go for it.

19. Be the first to reach for her hand.

If you don’t, somebody else will.

20. We don’t get to do some things again.

Remember the Sandlot? He wasn’t lying.

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21. When you can’t take it slow.

What are you waiting for?

22. Cause time sure won’t.

Time doesn’t slow down for anybody.

23. What really makes you a man is being true to her until your glass runs out of sand.

Real men don’t cheat you asshole.

24. Some of it you learn the hard way.


25. Some of it you read on a page.

Reading is highly underrated these days

26. Some of it comes from heartbreak.

Because you never want to feel that way again.

27. Most of it comes from age.

Remember that momma ain’t a shrink thing? This is why. She’s just older than you.

28. None of it ever comes easy.

Like every class I ever took in college…

29. A bunch of it, you maybe can’t use.

Also, like every class I ever took in college…

30. I know I probably don’t know what I think I do.

You don’t have everything figured out and you probably never will. And, that’s ok.

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A beer bottle on a dock