BREAKING: Natty Light’s New 77-Pack Will Cost 39 Cents Per Beer

Last week, we reported that Natural Light’s new 77-pack was about to be released. The post went crazy viral, as people love their Natty Light.

Anheuser-Busch (they own Natty Light), said that the limited edition pack would be released in College Park, Maryland (University of Maryland) to start. They gave no further information regarding why they picked that location. Time will tell if this beauty will hit shelves nationwide. I have a hunch it will.

There was one last question mark when it came to the 77-pack. How much would it cost?

Well, word is that the cost will be about $30. Yes, only $30 for 77 beers. That’s about 39 cents per beer. 39 FUCKING CENTS PER BEER. Oh lawd. Keep up to date with all of Natural Light’s shenanigans on their Twitter, @NaturalLight.

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